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About us


Our Mission

We see jewelry as a creative tool for self-expression. So, we created Expression Jewelry.

Look Good and Feel Good

Talia's jewelry uses high quality material, with a strong commitment to recycled silver. Our products go through rigorous inspection so you can feel be ressured about what you purchase.


70% Recycled Silver

4 Stages of Inspection

925 Sterling Silver

18K rose gold plating, Vermeil

Our Values


We strive to spread positive energy and spark positive growth. By encouraging women to reflect on their stories and create from the heart, we empower them to take control of their stories, and to feel confident and proud of who they are.

Our Values


We accept and embrace all the sides of ourselves that make us unique — from our personalities, to our passions. Expressing ourselves through personal style gives us confidence in our everyday lives.

Our Values

Playful Creativity

We invite all women to imagine, play and create, hoping to spark the inner artist inside each of us. By tapping into that all-too-often forgotten excitement that comes from being creative, we remind women that anything is possible.

Our Values


We hold ourselves to high standards of “realness”: from sourcing the highest quality materials, to being transparent about our honest manufacturing practices. We want women to feel truly proud of their Talia, and give them a reason to be.

Our Values


We want all women to feel comfortable being their authentic selves, so we lead by example. Our brand embodies an effortless elegance, showing women that true beauty transcends trends.


"The Latest In Jewelry Design: Mixable, Modular, And Co-Created By You"
"A piece of jewelry that celebrates your unique individuality"
"Completely arrange and rearrange design to fit a variety of wearing occasions"
"Classic, yet modern, and incredibly versatile"
"…the perfect statement necklace"
Eurasian Vogue

Our founder : Tal Man

As Multi-faceted
as a diamond

A designer, dedicated mother, wife and girl-boss entrepreneur, Tal Man is as multi-faceted as a diamond. From an early age, she’s felt confident in her power to turn her dreams into reality. She feels her calling is to ignite this feeling in others; to empower women face their own challenges with strength and grace.

Tal believes what we choose to wear defines us, so by co-creating her jewelry, a woman can “own” her image — she can define herself. She founded Talia to help women express themselves through personal style, and to provide a unique outlet for everyday creativity. In her own words,