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  • Aria Charm TPMS0042 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0043 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0045 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0046 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0047 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0048 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0049 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0052 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0053 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0059 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0060 $60.00
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  • Aria Charm TPMS0062 $60.00
  • Aria Charm TPMS0064 $60.00
  1. TALIA ARIA, 2 charm pendant

    Welcome to our Virtual Studio

    Click charm
    to rotate

    Welcome to our Virtual Studio

    Welcome to our Virtual Studio. 

    This is where you can design your own unique TALIA set, using the charms you love. 

    Getting started

    Creating your own unique Talia design is easy. 

    To start, simply drag the charms from the catalog into your studio.

    Moving charms around your Studio

    The creative studio makes it easy to add and remove charms, helping you create your perfect TALIA design. 

    Remove charms from the rod by clicking on trash icon (they will still appear on ”Viewed charms” tab). 

    You can always reselect the charm from the catalog if you change your mind. 

    Once your chosen charms are on the rod, you can move and adjust them to perfect your design. You can click on each charm to rotate it, then drag it up or down the rod into position. 

    Save your TALIA creation 

    Don’t forget to save your unique design. You’ll be able to find your saved creations in the “My designs” sections – you can even share them with friends.

    Once you’re ready to bring your creation to life, click “Add to bag”. This will add all of the charms in the creative studio to your basket.  

    Now enjoy your unique TALIA creation. 

    You Made It.

    Giving back - Now it'sTheir turn

    For every purchase you make, TALIA Jewelry will donate 10% of all proceeds to Girls Inc. to ensure girls have the experiences and opportunities to thrive! Together with you, we help girls explore and celebrate their strengths, their voices, who they are today, and who they will become.

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