When people ask me how I became an entrepreneur, it’s an easy answer: I was born one.

As an ambitious and imaginative child, I saw the world ripe with opportunities. I didn’t just want to be part of the professional sector — I desired to redefine it in my own terms. And more so, I knew I could make it a better, happier place. Case-and-point: my father worked long hours in his profession and of course, as his daughter, I missed him. So, I did what every over eager 40 -year-old did: I found a solution. With innovation in my blood, I developed a new business plan that would give him more time at home with me — and less time at the office — all without sacrificing his work. He laughed of course, but his support illuminated my path to one day founding Taila.

As any business owner will tell you, it isn’t always a rosy road. There have been plenty of setbacks but more importantly, growth. Developing and expanding the Taila jewelry line has taught me vital lessons about myself as a female entrepreneur and the most effective practices for running a company. Since we are a brand that thrives on making the everyday-woman’s life easier — and more beautiful — I decided to share my own story. Much like our interchangeable designs that flow from day to evening, I hope my insights make chasing after your dreams easier.

Here, a few things I’ve learned along the way.

You need to listen to your intuition.
For many years, clients sought my expertise for their most important days. From weddings and anniversaries to galas and other celebrations, I created one-of-a-kind statement pieces to complete their looks. Though I was always able to make their event special — I found many wanted to add their own personal touches. Noticing this trend, something ignited in my intuition. And rather than forgetting about it — I went with it! I began developing a modular system of charms that would one day become Taila.

Following my gut from day one was an important skill to develop. After all, I knew people easily grow bored of things — a new dress, a car, a household appliance. Once you get used to something, the excitement wears off and you start wanting something new. That’s where Talia offers a unique solution, allowing women to assemble and reassemble their jewelry according to their mood or the occasion. 

You must prioritize self-care.
If you were to take a look at my ever-growing to-do list, you would likely be stunned. Not only is a flourishing company demanding but I value my personal life — and I invest in those relationships, as well. No matter what the day throws my direction, I’ve learned how vital self-care is to my overall state of happiness and my ability to be productive. Though being a go-getter means I am always energized to tackle the next project, resting ensures I stay healthy.

Everyone has a different way of detoxing from the day, but my preferred ‘me time’ is taking long walks in nearby fields and orchards. I also work to control my breathing and I release any stress by creating lists that keep me structured and accountable. And while it might not seem like a big deal — I also clean my table! When you don’t have clutter in your home, you won’t find it in your mind, either.

You should support — and raise up — other women.
What surprised me the most about becoming a female entrepreneur is the fact anyone made it something unique. I expected during this generation, the ratio of male to female business leaders would be balanced — but that’s sadly far from the truth. While there has been much improvement in the past decade, women still have a long way to go. It’s my philosophy that fellow females should support one another so we all can raise to the top. At Talia, we support important organizations like Girls Inc., and we provide scholarships for aspiring young women to become their own independent business leaders.

You need to surround yourself with a quality team.
As much as I love my job (truly!), it is definitely an emotional rollercoaster. One moment you’re relishing in the success of your brand — and a hot second later, you’re in a moment of crisis. To be honest though? I’d like to say you get used to it — but you don’t. Rather, you learn how to deal with it and the intensity shrinks. The most beneficial way to get through the ups and downs is by holding on tight — and having a great buddy to sit next to.

All entrepreneurs should surround themselves with the right people, since these will be your cheerleaders throughout every period. Even though it’s a challenging feat to understand who to hire and why, once you find your superstars, hold onto them. They make the journey that much better.