Sometimes you wake up feeling ready to conquer the world. And other times, you flirt with the idea of calling in sick to binge watch Netflix. There’s no rhyme or reason to why some days are better than others — but one way to wake up on the right side of the bed is to develop an effective morning routine. Though everyone has various needs and goals, there are some universal strategies that can jumpstart your positive mindset, boost your energy and propel you forward. As with any change in your lifestyle, give yourself time to adopt these practices — and track your progress. Habits take at least 21 days to form — but if you give yourself time, you could become a morning person, once and for all. Here’s how to get started:

Regulate bedtime and wake-up time.

Last night you were #exhausted, so you tucked yourself in at 9:30 p.m. But the night before? You wrestled the sandman until half-past midnight. Though it’ll never be a perfect science, a consistent lights-off and lights-on practice will help you sleep more soundly. It will also make rising with the sun less taxing or difficult, since you’ll create an internal cycle that our mind can depend on. One way to ensure you can drift away when you want to is shutting off electronics (looking at you, iPhone) at least half-an-hour before bed. To settle your thoughts and heart rate, try reading or meditating in bed.

Make less decisions in the A.M.

If you glance into the closets of many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, you’ll find they have a very standard wardrobe. Though sure, it creates their brand image, it also has an added benefit: it takes the guesswork out of the morning. Business leaders tend to get up early so they can make the most out of their day — and worrying about what to wear doesn’t fall high on their priority list. With Talia Jewelry, you can mimic their strategies by having statement pieces that can interchange each day. Instead of digging through countless necklaces, you can simply swap out various charms to create the style of the day. This makes primping faster, giving you more time for connecting with loved ones, getting ahead on work and perhaps, relaxing.

Schedule exercise.

When our calendar runneth over, something always has to give. After all, when you’re balancing the demands of your career with the responsibilities of your family, sometimes, you frankly, run out of time. But if you’re go-to solution is to skip out on the gym, you could be causing more health issues than you’re solving. Eating healthy and choosing fitness will not only work wonders for your mood and sleep — but help you live longer, too. The Mayo Clinic recommends at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise every week. No matter how you divy up the workouts, make sure to prioritize this necessity. And if you want to remain accountable? Research indicates morning gym-or-class-goers are the most dedicated.

Look forward to something.

Maybe it’s sitting across from your partner and your child, eating breakfast and discussing your days. Or, it’s a yoga sequence that stretches your muscles. Perhaps it is standing in front of the mirror in an outfit you feel great in, and picking up the right Talia charm to accessorize and complete your look. Part of the motivation to start your day happy is to have something to look forward to. Instead of dreading the work or the to-do list ahead, plan something that’ll make you smile. And, if you can budget the extra few minutes, start a gratitude journal to count your blessings — a practice that’s tied to feeling more content across all areas of life.

Reward yourself.

When you’re trying to form a new habit, small prizes will go a long way to incentivize you. Set a goal to get up 20 minutes earlier for a full week. If you accomplish it — and you will, because you’re amazing! — treat yourself you love. We may be a little biased — but we believe a Talia set will do the trick. As you increase this time to 30 minutes — and then maybe even an hour! — keep buying new charms as your reward.