Make sure to pick out the perfect gift for the special mother in your life.

It almost seems impossible, doesn’t it? How can you give a mother’s day present that showcases how much you both love and appreciate the most special woman in your life? Where do you begin? And what avenue should you take? While there’s the traditional and sentimental route, there’s also the path of self-indulgence and luxury — because let’s be honest, if anyone is deserving of some tender, love and care, it’s mom.

So whether you’re shopping for a gift for your own mother, a wife, a friend, or a daughter, there’s a wide variety of choices for everyone. To some, it can seem like a daunting task to pick out the perfect gift. Luckily with staple pieces, that speak volume in care and quality, it’s easier than ever to bring home a present that momma is sure to love and keep forever.

Read on as we break down some of our most recommended mothers day picks to wrap up and gift to your loved one.

A Statement Necklace

Some of the most common characteristics all mother’s share is their ability to nurture, love and protect. Why not bring these amazing qualities to life with a bold and beautiful statement necklace? What we love about Talia’s Aria 3 Charm Pendant, is its node to femininity, as it brings smooth and dainty lines together in stunning geometric pattern. Additionally, the striking nature of this pendant, nodes to the strength and compassion all mothers share.

Beautiful Floral Bouquet

There’s a reason why it’s so iconic and traditional to send a beautiful boutique of flowers to your loved ones on mother’s day. They’re not only pretty to look at, but they signify growth with each blooming bud. If you’re not sure of their favorite flower, try going with a seasonal choice such as: peonies, tulips, or freesias. For recommendations on where to buy the flowers, check out your local florist or visit sites like: Bouqs or 1800-Flowers

Limitless Supply of Pictures

Otherwise known as a digital picture frame. There’s nothing more meaningful than sharing memories with those we love. Psst: If you decide to go this route, make sure to pre-program the digital picture frame with initial photos. This is particularly important if gifting to someone who may not be technology-savvy.

A Colorful Piece of Jewelry

Girls just want to have fun — and this includes our moms as well! When it comes to purchasing items for ourselves, whether it’d be jewelry or even an outfit selection, we tend to think practically. With this said, Mom may miss out of the fun and colorful accessory pieces her wardrobe is screaming for. This year, try gifting her Talia’s Trio, 3 Charm Pendant. The combination of colors like pink, purple, yellow, blue and green, will not only be perfect for the spring and summer seasons, but match with almost anything.

Diffuser and Calming Essential Oils

There’s a lot on a mother’s plate, no matter where she may be in life. That’s why gifting her a diffuser with her favorite scents may just be the perfect gift. More than gifting a candle, essential oils carry mood changing and potential health benefits when released into the air. So not only can your mother’s home smell wonderfully, you’ll know that everytime she uses her gift she’s improving her mental and physical state.

A Seasonal Handbag

The key to finding the perfect mother’s day gift, is to shop for something they wouldn’t traditionally purchase for themselves (but would love to have). Often times this can be items like jewelry and handbags. As we’ve mentioned a few of our favorite jewelry pieces from Talia, we figured it was only fitting to add handbags to our list! Not just any ordinary handbag, but a fun and seasonal spring bag from her favorite brand. Some designers that have fun with spring collection pieces include: Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

A Piece Made Just For Her

Your mom is unique, so why find a gift for her when you can make one meant for her? At Talia Jewelry, customers can select not only their preferred necklace style, but customizations such as: color, length and size are all left completely up to you. Making this a one of a kind gift, and something truly unique for the special mother in your life.

Never Forget The Card

More than clicking an add to cart button on your computer, or swiping a card at the store, try incorporating true sentiment to your gift - write your mother a beautiful card. It’s important to tell those you love (especially your mom), just how much you appreciate them. It may be the cheapest item on our list, but believe us, it can sometimes mean the most.