Can your personality be determined by your summer drink of choice?

While we appreciate your beautiful floral blooms and scattered, dainty rain showers, spring it’s time that you let summertime take over our undivided attention. From paid-time-off Friday brunch, short minidresses, and days by the pool or beach, there is a long list of summer favorite activities that we’re ready to embark on.

Many of these summertime festivities involve a cocktail (or two), whether you’re choosing to sip on mimosas (hold the orange juice) or opting for a lively margarita, there’s a favorite warm-weather drink for everyone. But! What if we told you that your summer drink choice can say more about you than you originally thought? No longer are you simply ordering a glass of rose this summer, you’re sipping on an experience and telling those around you that you’re ready for some fun. So what do you think? Ready to find out what your favorite summer beverage says about you?

Moscow Mule

You’re likely a trendy gal! Moscow Mules have made their way back on the cocktail scene over the last several years. Served in the iconic copper mugs to keep the drinks cold and refreshing, the ginger beer and vodka mixture make for a surprisingly spicy combo.

Match the Moscow Mule’s staple copper glass by rocking Talia Aria, 3 Charm Pendant. The signature rose-gold color pendant will sparkle and dazzle all those who you enjoy fresh, summer cocktails with.


Adding a classic summer beer to our list, corona with lime is a staple go-to when out on the beach or getting ready to hit the water (on a boat). Ordering a corona let’s others know you’re laid back and go with the flow, but enjoy life’s simple luxuries – like a cold, crisp beer.

Just because you enjoy life’s subtle pleasures, doesn’t mean you’re not looking for glam and fun, staple accessories. Talia Alto, 5 Charm Pendant in neutral colors like white, black, and gold may be the perfect pairing to your corona-gal mindset.


We always mean on the rocks…right? Whether you’re a frozen margarita fan or straight up, there’s something about a love for tequila that says you’re up to party. Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon or a Wednesday night, the friend who orders a margarita is the first called when people are looking to go out.

Replicating the rounded-triangular margarita glass, Talia Aura, 4 Charm Pendant is a great accessory to match with your drink of choice. For a classic cocktail, choose the stones in emerald green. For the girl who likes strawberry twist, go for the sapphire pink stones.


Your basic gal’s summer drink of choice, rose is the ultimate to-go when sipping wine by the pool, beach, or really any body of water. While it gets (and gives) the ‘basic’ rep, this drink is anything but. The mixture of crisp flavor with rich tannins give rose a complex flavor, and we think choosing such a drink reflects the sophistication of the drinker (bye bye basic).

Rounding off a beautiful rose flute (if sparkling of course), is a fountain of pink deliciousness. Replicate this beverage scene with Talia Trio, 3 Charm Pendant in pink sapphire.


Whether sipping poolside in Miami or out on a lake in Michigan, sipping mojitos is simply state of mind. If mojitos are your drink of choice, you likely are a hard worker and put a great deal of effort into everything you do. Otherwise, why else would you spend double the time making a cocktail (with fresh herbs like mint)?

With one of the most tropical and complex drinks to make under the sun, match your rum cocktail with Talia’s Belva, 6 Charm Pendant. Made up of six delicious ingredients, you’ll replicate the pendant with each reflective charm.


Festive, fun, and unique, if your drink of choice is a sangria, you enjoy time spent around large groups of family and friends. Sangria is a communal drink meant to be shared and crafted with love, same as the gal who chooses to drink or serve sangria for her next gathering.

What we love most about sangria, is that it can be custom and personalized to your preference. White wine, red wine, oranges or apples, it’s completely up to you! Just like sangria’s customization, try Talia’s create your own feature, as it’s a pendant made to your specifications.