Match your favorite celebrity’s trending summer wardrobe.

Pack away the heavy coats, scarves, and warm booties, it’s finally summer time and we’re showing some skin and rocking a fresh pedicure. With the introduction of a new season, there’s always an excitement that fills our hearts and closets; what will we wear for the next coming months. Luckily, we have the influence of our favorite celebrities to help us determine what’s hot and what’s not. From dainty dresses to looks classic enough to wear inside the office, there’s a wide variety of styles, themes and looks to pull off this summer season. From scrolling through top fashion magazines and instagram feeds, it’s easy to see this summer wear is one of the most diverse we’ve ever seen. It’s a time to embrace and showcase your creativity and rock fashion tailored to you and inspired by the stars. Read on as we dive into five of our favorite celebrities looks for the summer, and how they can be paired with the perfect piece from our signature Talia Collections.

Summer Pastels

When the weather starts to heat up, the pastels start to make an appearance. Thankfully, our favorite designers have started to notice the trend and roll out seasonal wear worthy of celebrities and our most beloved influencers. Some of our favorite pastel colors for the season include: peach, pink, mint, coral, lavender, and sky blue. To replicate a look just like Jennifer Lawrence’s a-line pastel dress, try this Lace Midi Dress from ASTR the Label.

Have fun pairing bright and whimsical pastels with Talia Trio, 3 Charm Pendant, the introduction of several vibrant colors can help bring the entire wardrobe together. We personally recommend customizing the Trio Pendant with colors that personally reflect the characteristics and styles of your wardrobe. If you tend to gravitates towards rose and lavender pastels, go for rubies and sapphires. On the other hand, if you like colors like mint and coral, we recommend pairing with white and green.

Business Casual

Blazers have officially become the staple, must-have closet item this summer season. As business casual and summer Fridays have made their way as the traditional norm, it seems as though blazers are being paired with everything nowadays – jeans, skirts… mini skirts (there’s nothing you can’t pull off with an iconic and classic blazer). One of our favorite celebrities that’s no stranger to the blazer and business casual attire is supermodel Bella Hadid. To replicate Bella’s look, try this slim fitted blazers from Milumia.

Because we like to keep things classic, and not too flashy at the office, we recommend pairing Talia Belva, 6 Charm Pendant necklace with your blazer as a perfect accessory.


Whether we’ve just worked out, going to work out, or not planning on working out at all, it’s common to see athleisure making its way into our summer wardrobe. Perfect for heading out to brunch or running errands, there’s not much you can’t do while sporting festive athleisure. To match the wardrobe of our favorite celebrities like Demi Lavato, Hailey Baldwin/Beiber, and Kendal Jenner try the latest styles at Fabletics.

For those days you may not be hitting the gym, but rocking athleisure clothing, try matching with Talia Aura, 4 Charm Pendant. With Talia’s customization feature and to complete this look, we recommend stacking the four charms into a perfect diamond.

The Cropped Top

The crop top is making its way back into the summer wear, and better than ever. Long gone are the 90’s girl band tops, now it’s all about bold prints, bandeau cuts, and matched with high waisted shorts. Celebrities and influencers like Kristen Cavallari are no strangers to this style. To match Kristin’s look, try browsing through stores like Anthrolopogie and Free People.

It’s no surprise that wearing cropped clothing means you’re showing a little skin. With this thought in mind when matching accessories, we recommend Talia Aria, 3 Charm Pendant. The bold characterics of this pendant are sure to contrast nicely with tanned (remember your SPF), summer skin.

Graphic T’s

Showcasing your favorite band, charity, or tv show are only some examples of the wide creativity that comes along with the growing graphic-T trend. Whether the apparel be short sleeve, or long sweaters, it seems as though current celebrities are not shying away from bringing back the late 80’s and early 90’s trend. Some of our favorite celebrities to replicate when picking out our next graphic-T’s are music icon Billie Eilish and supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Just like picking out the perfect graphic-t’s,accessories (like jewelry) should match your authentic style and creativity as well. We love Talia’s customization feature, not only because can you select your design preferences, but features like color and chain length are also built perfectly to your specifications.