Just when you finally figure out how to master the latest trends, the season changes. … and so do the trends. Start spring off on the right note by accessorizing your pastel, floral and gingham fashions with these hats, jewels, sunglasses, and bags that are straight from the runways.

Remember though, no matter which of these trends you decide to test out, you can always accessorize with a statement piece of jewelry for any and all occasions. With Talia, every look can be upgraded and customized to pair well with a cocktail party, a daytime brunch affair or even a travel day to exotic locations. That’s the beauty of this generation of fashion: it’s all focused on catering to the individual. For Talia, that’s everything.

Whether you want to dip your toes in with one of these easy-to-wear styles or go all-out with the “it” accessories from head to toe, find out what to add to your collection and most importantly, how to style them day-to-day.

Bucket Hats

The best way to shield your skin from the sun — and look fashionable while doing so — is to don a bucket hat. These 90s-inspired caps take ‘dad’ fashion to the next level with bold prints, mixed materials, and designer logos. For a look that’s straight from the runway, opt for a floral silk bucket hat like Anna Su’s or try soft, classic hues for a Chanel-inspired look. The ‘90s are calling — and they’re telling you to ditch your baseball caps.

Customizable Jewelry

Carrie Bradshaw made every young woman ditch her chokers (remember those?} for a gold-plated name necklace. While this look has been in style for many years, there’s always been something newer and hotter like over-the-top statement necklaces circa 2012 and the resurgence of plastic chokers just a few summers back. But custom jewels are back and better than ever. Whether you choose to go the classic route with a name necklace or opt for something trendier like initial earrings, the options from our line help you uphold the one motto when it comes to jewelry this year: the more personal, the better.

Angular Sunglasses

Kim Kardashian wears ‘em. Ariana Grande wears ‘em. And now, so will you. The days of bug-eye shades are long gone, and now it’s all about small, geometric styles. For a more dramatic look, consider a pair of angular sunglasses that have some sporty flair. Choose from flat-topped sunglasses, triangle-shaped lenses or even a pair of shades like resemble ski goggles (oh, fashion) for a runway-worthy look. Not only do these geometric shades show off your cheekbones, but they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Win-win.

Woven Bags

Just when you thought woven basket bags had their moment in the sun (get it?), the runways proved that their back for yet another spring season. This time, however, there’s two different ways that you can rock them: either structured bamboo bags or slouchy straw versions that straight-up looks like a basket in your living room. Both are equally as chic. These woven bags, no matter the style, warm up any look and last through the summer. Even Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana jumped on the trend during their Spring 2019 runway shows with structured box and trunk styles.

Head Scarves

The silk scarves that we previously tied on our leather bags are back in spring 2019 to make a bigger statement: in your hair. Even if you’re wearing your go-to uniform (a.k.a. white t-shirt and jeans), a bold scarf — patterned or otherwise — adds color to your look, giving it a bright feel. There’s a million ways to wear them: You can weave a smaller scarf throughout your braid, tie it around your ponytail, or use it as a makeshift headband. But if you really want to bring the drama, tie it around your head like a turban so that you can really show off your designer duds.


You may still be a few months away from your beach vacation but, that doesn’t mean you can’t bust out your beachwear ahead of time. This year’s runway was covered in seashells — both real and fake — from gilded gold bags by Stella McCartney to statement necklaces by Anna Sui. The best part? No sand necessary for these styles. And hey, they’ll transition perfectly into the summer months.