Take five minutes out of your day to boost your confidence and positivity

Between managing a job and paying rent, all while trying to maintain a social presence and keep up with friends and family, life can be well… overwhelming. Unfortunately, as these external pressures build up, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and becoming down on yourself. Losing confidence in your body or mind, is not only unpleasant, but detrimental to our mental health.

Luckily, there is good news laying underneath all these stressors!

With the help of simple practices, all it takes is five minutes to switch your mindset and instantly boost our confidence. Whether it’s implementing self love, rocking our bold style, or sharing acts of kindness, there’s no shortage of ways to foster positive mind and body positivity. Who knows, by practicing these rituals, you may even come to find you boost other’s confidence as well. So what do you say? Ready to take just a few minutes out of your day to completely alter your mindset? Read on as we share six of our favorite ways to boost confidence levels in only five minutes.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Ever hear the expression fake it until you make it? When you’re feeling down on yourself and looking for a quick confidence boost, try faking it. Take five extra minutes in the morning (or before heading out) to put yourself together. Whether it’s grabbing a statement jewelry piece (like Talia’s Aria 3-Charm Pendant), ironing your outfit, or practicing lines for your upcoming work presentation, there’s simple task that can button up the rest of your day and add extra layers of confidence.

Be Mindful

With technology making everything instantaneous and entertaining, it’s rare that we find ourselves alone with our thoughts. As we lose touch with what we’re feeling and thinking, it’s easy to forget all the wonderful things we’ve accomplished and the fantastic relationships we’ve maintained. By taking five minutes to reflect and express our gratitude, it’ll connect you with your deeper sense of self. If practicing mindfulness seems like a difficult challenge, try meditation, yoga, or going on a run.

Implement Acts Of Kindness

Sometimes, it takes us looking outside of our own lives and situations to actually boost our self worth and confidence levels. What’s nice about showing love and kindness to others, is that it’s contagious. Not only will you continue to thrive and show support to others, but those you help will pay it forward and continue acting kind to those around them. By avoiding selfish behavior and channeling positivity outward, you’ll create a ripple effect spreading confidence and kindness everywhere.

Add Sentiment Into Your Day

Our days can seem routine and out of our control, a little menontimous at times. It’s rare we add a personalized touch or sentiments into our daily routine. Whether through journaling, reading through our notes from loved ones, or wearing a piece of sentimental jewelry given as a gift or handed down through family, there are many ways to add little daily reminders. These special moments or trinkets we can provide ourselves, help remind us how loved and cherished we are (both by others and ourselves).

*If you’re looking to help out a friend or loved one, and add sentiment to their day, try gifting them with a beautiful necklace from Talia Jewelry. The Alto 5-Charm Pendant, is a great way to showcase sentiment, as it can be designed to show two charms joined or one complete oval – symbolizing togetherness.

Give Yourself Compliments

Just like we suggest spreading acts of kindness, try being kind to yourself. Too often can we look in a mirror and easily pick on things we’d like to change or wish were better. Instead spend five minutes to give yourself at least three compliments (the more the better). Remember, compliments can be both about external and intrinsic things (it’s not all about looks you know!).

Rock Your Sense Of Style

Our lack of confidence can easily be attributed to us not showing our true sense of self. So change the dynamic and really showcase your personality. This can be done by changing up our sense of style to truly express our sense of being. If you want to rock bold colors, do it. If you love big statement piece earrings, wear them!

What we love about Talia’s Jewelry create feature, is that it’s customizable to you! Whether it’s choosing the design, the color, or the length, there’s no confusing who you are, as it’s a piece unique to you.