Which hot spots will you hit this summer?

If there was ever a time (or a season) to pack up your bags and head off to an interesting or beautiful destination, it’s summer time. Between the the holidays: 4th of July and Labor Day, and the extra summer Fridays, there’s no shortage of time off work and flexible calendars. So why not take advantage of the PTO days and head somewhere out of the ordinary. We’re ranking our favorite destinations both domestic and global that are worth a plane ride and notably attractive or popular hot spots during the summer months between June and September. Are you a specific type of traveler? No worries! Our list touches on a little bit of everything, whether you’re into beaches, urban jungles, hiking, or natural wonders – there’s an adventure for you. Read on to see if any of your bucket list made their way onto our list, and what goodies to pack with you.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We’ve all heard of Cancun, but have you heard of the clear blue waters and white sandy beaches that live a thirty minute boat ride from the Cancun shore? The island of Isla Mujeres, meaning island of women, is the perfect beach getaway from the rowdy and party scene of Mexico’s coast. Taking on a more relaxing and tranquil feel, it fits the perfect definition of a getaway vacation. For those who interested in deep sea fishing or swimming with whale sharks, Isla Mujeres offers daily expeditions.

Pack along Talia’s Aria, 2-Charm Pendant featuring either the Sun or Moon charm, as you’ll connect with the Mayan culture that once resided in the eastern coast of Mexico. Head over to Cozumel for a day trip and learn how this ancient culture used the stars, Moon, and Sun to map out their entire lifestyle.

New York City, New York

The city so nice, they named it twice! Being one of the most well-known and popular tourist destinations in the world, New York City offers its visitors the best in entertainment, museums, and culinary outings. During the summer months, the city puts on shows like Shakespeare in the Park and host Restaurant Week in late July to early August. With all the additional offerings held in the summer months, there’s no doubt it’s the best time to visit the big apple.

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Helsinki, Finland

Are you wondering about the beauties of Scandinavia, where the people are amongst the happiest in the world and their eye for design has influenced artist and designers around the globe? Well, stop wondering and head over to this northern slice of Europe this summer – in particular the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Between the fresh Salmon food carts and crystal blue sparkling waters, you’ll wonder why you never visited this place sooner.

Skip the snow, but pack along the snowflake with Talia’s Aria, 2-Charm Pendant. It can be quite cold in the winter months up in Finland, that’s why the prime time to visit is between the months of June and early September. Don’t worry, even though you’re wearing the snow -it doesn’t mean you’ll jinx the weather.

The Azores, Portugal

Move over Hawaii, new volcanic islands have made their way on our travel bucket list! Best of all, for those who live on the east coast, these Portuguese islands are only a four hour plane ride from Boston, MA. Filled with picturesque hikes, colonial buildings, and rocky dunes, these islands are worth bringing along the expensive camera to capture every moment.

Aside from the warmer weather, the months between June and September are the perfect time to visit the Azores because of their blooming hydrangeas. Match the beautiful hydrangeas all over the islands with Talia’s Trio, 3-Charm Pendant. The colors of pink, blue, white, and green, will surely camouflage you into this serene backdrop.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

For those seeking adventure and camping, we suggest heading north to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Some of the must-see sites while exploring the park include: Old Faithful, the Grand Prismatic Spring, the Yellow Caldera, and Yellowstone’s iconic lake. For the best use of time, start off your trip by visiting the visitors center to get all the details on which times/attractions have the least amount of visitors.

Spot a great horned owl in Yellowstone while sporting Talia’s Aria, 2-Charm Pendant necklace, featuring the beloved owl.