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  1. What Your Favorite Summer Drink Says About You

    While we appreciate your beautiful floral blooms and scattered, dainty rain showers, spring it’s time that you let summertime take over our undivided attention. From paid-time-off Friday brunch, short minidresses, and days by the pool or beach, there is a long list of summer favorite activities that we’re ready to embark on.

  2. Our Favorite Celebrity Looks Of the Summer

    With the introduction of a new summer season, there’s always an excitement that fills our closets. Read on as we dive into five of our favorite celebrities looks for the summer and see how you can replicate the looks.

  3. Where To Vacation This Summer

    If there was ever a time (or a season) to pack up your bags and head off to an interesting or beautiful destination, it’s summer time. Between the the holidays: 4th of July and Labor Day, and the extra summer Fridays, there’s no shortage of time off work and flexible calendars. So why not take advantage of the PTO days and head somewhere out of the ordinary. We’re ranking our favorite destinations both domestic and global that are worth a plane ride and notably attractive or popular hot spots during the summer months between June and September. Are you a specific type of traveler? No worries! Our list touches on a little bit of everything, whether you’re into beaches, urban jungles, hiking, or natural wonders – there’s an adventure for you. Read on to see if any of your bucket list made their way onto our list, and what goodies to pack with you.

  4. How to Boost Your Confidence In Five Minutes

    Between managing a job and paying rent, all while trying to maintain a social presence and keep up with friends and family, life can be well… overwhelming. Unfortunately, as these external pressures build up, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and becoming down on yourself. Losing confidence in your body or mind, is not only unpleasant, but detrimental to our mental health.

  5. Our Favorite Mother's Day Picks

    It almost seems impossible, doesn’t it? How can you give a mother’s day present that showcases how much you both love and appreciate the most special woman in your life? Where do you begin? And what avenue should you take? While there’s the traditional and sentimental route, there’s also the path of self-indulgence and luxury — because let’s be honest, if anyone is deserving of some tender, love and care, it’s mom.

  6. How to Create a Morning Routine That Works

    Sometimes you wake up feeling ready to conquer the world. And other times, you flirt with the idea of calling in sick to binge watch Netflix. There’s no rhyme or reason to why some days are better than others — but one way to wake up on the right side of the bed is to develop an effective morning routine. Though everyone has various needs and goals, there are some universal strategies that can jumpstart your positive mindset, boost your energy and propel you forward. As with any change in your lifestyle, give yourself time to adopt these practices — and track your progress. Habits take at least 21 days to form — but if you give yourself time, you could become a morning person, once and for all.

  7. Spring Trends in Accessories—And How to Rock Them

    Just when you finally figure out how to master the latest trends, the season changes. … and so do the trends. Start spring off on the right note by accessorizing your pastel, floral and gingham fashions with these hats, jewels, sunglasses, and bags that are straight from the runways.

    Remember though, no matter which of these trends you decide to test out, you an always accessorize with a statement piece of jewelry for any and all occasions. With Talia, every look can be upgraded and customized to pair well with a cocktail party, a daytime brunch affair or even a travel day to exotic locations. That’s the beauty of this generation of fashion: it’s all focused on catering to the individual. For Talia, that’s everything.

  8. A Message From Tal ...

    A Message From Tal ...

    You are far from an ordinary woman, so why should you settle for ordinary jewelry? The jewelry you wear showcases your own personality and style, yet finding what fits your mood in a way that speaks volumes about the woman you really are, and that  isn’t always easy. That is why I have taken my goldsmith knowledge and flare for design to step beyond the norm within the jewelry industry to strike out with a unique collection that every woman can call her own.

    Talia Jewelry isn’t just a collection of charms, bracelets and necklaces – it is a showcase of independent pieces that I have painstakingly designed with the express purpose of being recreated by each and every customer who orders one in order to create her own one-of-a-kind pieces. Every time you slip on  a piece of Talia Jewelry, you can rest assured that no one else is going to be wearing the exact same piece.

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