1. 4 Things I've Learned As A Female Entrepreneur

    When people ask me how I became an entrepreneur, it’s an easy answer: I was born one.

    As an ambitious and imaginative child, I saw the world ripe with opportunities. I didn’t just want to be part of the professional sector — I desired to redefine it in my own terms. And more so, I knew I could make it a better, happier place. Case-and-point: my father worked long hours in his profession and of course, as his daughter, I missed him. So, I did what every over eager 40 -year-old did: I found a solution. With innovation in my blood, I developed a new business plan that would give him more time at home with me — and less time at the office — all without sacrificing his work. He laughed of course, but his support illuminated my path to one day founding Taila.

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  2. A Message From Tal ...

    A Message From Tal ...

    You are far from an ordinary woman, so why should you settle for ordinary jewelry? The jewelry you wear showcases your own personality and style, yet finding what fits your mood in a way that speaks volumes about the woman you really are, and that  isn’t always easy. That is why I have taken my goldsmith knowledge and flare for design to step beyond the norm within the jewelry industry to strike out with a unique collection that every woman can call her own.

    Talia Jewelry isn’t just a collection of charms, bracelets and necklaces – it is a showcase of independent pieces that I have painstakingly designed with the express purpose of being recreated by each and every customer who orders one in order to create her own one-of-a-kind pieces. Every time you slip on  a piece of Talia Jewelry, you can rest assured that no one else is going to be wearing the exact same piece.

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